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Muse Modular Trumpet - Full VPS/SWE - 2017

Our Price: $8,495.00

Product Code: MUSE-MODULAR-1

Key of Instrument:

5MM Modular Mouthpiece:

5MM Body:

Venturi Gap Receiver:

Receiver Marking:



SWE Tuning Slide:

SWE Upgrades:

Rings (Thumb & Third):

Ergonomic Leadpipe Ring, Hook, Rest:

Top Brace Markings:

Mod Kit Finger Buttons:

Mod Kit Top Caps:

Mod Kit Bottom Caps:

Third Slide Stop:

Water Keys:


Muse Custom Case:

Description Included Availability
The Muse Modular Trumpet is by far the most technologically advanced acoustic instrument in the world. Designed around the Variable Performance System, Muse offers complete freedom of expression in all genres exhibiting more versatility than all other trumpets combined.

For the first time in history, you have complete control over every segment of the mouthpiece, receiver, leadpipe and bell tapers. Fine tune intonation, response, feedback, resistance and tone color in any way imaginable.

Muse Innovations include the following Variable Performance System (VPS) options:
- Modular Leadpipe System - create any leadpipe taper in two minutes
- Modular Receiver System - fine tune air flow, resistance, flexibility, slotting and use any brass mouthpiece
- Modular Bell System - interchange bell flares in seconds
- Modular Adjustable Finger Ring System
- Modular Finger Button System
- CNC Machined Bell Flare Variations (option in 2nd generation)
- Custom Hand Grip valve casings (option in 2nd generation)
- Modular Microphone Mount System (option in 2nd generation)
- Muse Compact Trumpet Case

Note: photo shows 2012 Muse prototype system before all VPS components were designed

Welcome to the future of brass instrument design
The new 2016 VPS Muse line is here, ready to take your performance to the next level.

If efficiency, versatility and personal fit are priorities in your trumpet search, then read on.
You have just discovered the ultimate source for comprehensive solutions to brass playing challenges. We eliminate the guess work and frustration of finding, fitting and purchasing new equipment. And we guarantee you will love everything you own marked "Harrelson".

Have you ever wondered why the upper register on one trumpet is easier than another trumpet?
We know why this happens. In fact, we developed the Variable Performance System (VPS) to address this very problem. We guarantee you will find the correct VPS setting to fit your playing preferences in a matter of minutes. Does this sound too good to be true? Over 20 years of Research and Development has been invested in Harrelson VPS solutions. We studied the physics, we did the math and we produce the results!

How do we build trumpets that play easier?
Standing Wave Efficiency (SWE) is the name of the game when it comes to building trumpets that play easier. The VPS Muse model literally plays with less effort. If you struggle to play your highest notes on your current equipment, then two minutes playing the VPS Muse will reveal your instrument is in fact losing energy, thus forcing you to work harder. Why work harder when you could be making more music?

How is the VPS Muse made?
We build Harrelson trumpets embracing 21st century manufacturing techniques. Innovating with the latest technology, CAD software and modern CNC machinery, we cut almost every component of our instruments and accessories from solid brass round and billet stock. We are the only manufacturer in the world to employ these technologies and techniques. From the beginning in 1995, our vision has explored new technologies to improve the playability, versatility and personal preferences available to the trumpet player. We are the latest true innovators in the beautiful tradition of trumpet making.

Innovation is everything at Harrelson Trumpets
Our trumpets are designed, built and tested by Jason Harrelson, founder and owner of Harrelson Trumpets. Jason's perspective as a professional trumpet player and his work with thousands of the best trumpet players in the world as a mouthpiece, accessories and instrument builder has given him immense feedback and insight into approaching the challenges of brass playing. He has specifically designed the Variable Performance System to meet the needs of each individual player regardless of where they are in their quest for musical expression.

We produce the only VGR in the world
Our extensive research on Standing Wave Efficiency and the Variable Performance System led to the development of the integral Venturi Gap Receiver. This breakthrough innovation allows the player to adjust air flow, resistance, flexibility and slotting to any possible setting in seconds. Now you can fine tune your setup to fit you as an individual. And as your preferences grow with your ability, you can fine tune again and again with no need to ever purchase another instrument.

We are the sole source for SWE Technology
Harrelson VPS Muse models produce the highest efficiency of any custom trumpet in the world. This is a result of more than twenty years of research into our proprietary SWE Technology. The cross section of every machined component including the receiver, leadpipe, tuning slide, bell crook, braces, caps, finger rings and buttons have been carefully designed to preserve more of the sound wave than conventional instruments. In fact, our trumpets play so much easier that most people are in disbelief upon their first time playing a VPS Muse model.

Where are Harrelson Trumpets built?
All of our instruments, Mod Kits, accessories and 5MM mouthpieces are built in Denver, Colorado. After all these years, Jason Harrelson has remained true to his passion for building the highest quality musical instruments possible. He supervises or builds every single mouthpiece and accessory. And he personally builds every single brass instrument. With the help of two shop assistants, our team thoughtfully produces and finishes your instrument with meticulous precision and care to exceed your expectations. The name Harrelson is synonymous with the highest quality, precision and playability in the world today.

Visit our Denver Location
We are located in Denver allowing you to schedule a visit to play test a VPS Muse at your convenience. The advantages of visiting include getting hands on experience with our extensive line of options, discussing your playing preferences with Jason, Jen, Joe or Christine in person for a personal fit and experiencing true Harrelson hospitality. We are truly a small team that is much more like a family that grows with every new member of our clientele.

    • 12 Innovations exclusive to the Harrelson Muse model
      • VPS Venturi Gap Receiver System - adjust air flow, flexibility, slotting in seconds
      • VPS 5MM Modular Mouthpiece - available in every size & variation to fit every individual player
      • Physics-based design principles
      • Standing Wave Efficiency Technology
      • Precision CNC Machined components - Leadpipe, Tuning Slide, Bell Crook, Receiver, Bracing, Caps & Buttons
      • SWE Tuning Slide - the most efficient in the world
      • SWE Bell Crook - the most efficient in the world
      • VPS Modular Adjustable Finger Rings - coming this winter, adjust position and change styles in seconds
      • VPS SWE Mod Kit - Modern - Modular - Modify, hundreds of custom modular options available
      • Advanced water key designs - Pollard, Saturn & Harrelson
      • Personal consultation with every client - we will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs
      • 12-month Guarantee on every trumpet - includes full exchange for a new configuration

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