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Repaired Harrelson SWE/VGR Leadpipe 4
Our Price: $1,200.00
Promotion Price: $500.00
Save $700.00!

This SWE leadpipe was CNC machined by Harrelson Trumpets with the VGR system incorporated into the design. This is the most versatile leadpipe ever created allowing you to fine tune impedance and venturi. This means you can easily adjust air flow, flexibility and slotting. No other leadpipe in the world offers the efficiency and versatility of our VGR system.

This leadpipe was broken due to someone dropping their trumpet on a hard surface. You can see the original break at the machined joint. It has been laser welded together and is 100% functional. However, it doesn't look perfect due to the nature of finding the best laser welding settings. It could be further welded to look new for an additional $100 or you can buy it as-is and install it right away.


  • SWE/VGR Leadpipe 4 (repaired)
  • Set of 9 VGR Inserts in your choice of Venturi
  • We will include a male tuning slide tube to fit our leadpipe female tube at no charge upon request.
VGR Kit (Venturi Gap Receiver)
Our Price: $350.00

Quickly adjust mouthpiece gap, venturi, airflow, flexibility and slotting on any trumpet.
VGR Receiver - Choice
Our Price: $200.00

Includes VGR Receiver in your choice of shape and diameter (no mount or inserts)

VGR Mount Only - Choice
Our Price: $125.00

VGR Mount - Choice of Taper or Cylinder fit

Purchase this item to install a mount on a second instrument and use your VGR Kit on both.
(no receiver or inserts included)
VGR Insert Kit - 9 Odd Sizes
Our Price: $75.00

Set of 9 Odd Sized VGR Inserts
VGR Insert Kit - 9 Standard Sizes
Our Price: $45.00

Set of 9 VGR Inserts in standard sizes

VGR Insert Kit - 5
Our Price: $25.00

Set of 5 VGR Inserts in one Venturi size
VGR Insert Individual - Custom
Our Price: $10.00

One individual VGR Insert built to your specifications
Super Lube - PTFE Lubricant for 5MM
Our Price: $6.00

Super Lube is a synthetic lubricant that protects the threads of your 5MM Modular Mouthpiece and VGR System components. We recommend lubing threads every 2 to 3 months and after cleaning.
VGR Insert Individual - Standard
Our Price: $5.00

One individual VGR Insert in a standard size