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SWE Trim Kits improve efficiency on any trumpet, improving flexibility, slotting, attacks and stability in all registers and at any dynamic level. How is improved efficiency possible? Jason Harrelson has revitalized the research and development of trumpet physics and applied his high efficiency designs to every Harrelson Trumpet. By reducing the energy loss in the standing wave, response, tone, dynamics, slotting, range and endurance are greatly improved. Standing Wave Efficiency (SWE) is the term coined by Harrelson which describes the efficiency of an instrument. The higher the SWE, the better the horn.

SWE Trim Kits were designed to increase Standing Wave Efficiency, reducing the effort necessary to play anything on the trumpet. If this seems impossible, then consider what science has done for other industries in the past 50 years. Automobiles get better fuel mileage AND have more power than ever before and computers and cell phones are smaller, faster and more powerful every month. Science does apply to every aspect of life INCLUDING trumpets and the science of trumpet playing.
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3/8" SWE Light Top Caps - Any Make/Model Trumpet
Our Price: $75.00
1/2" SWE Top Caps - Any Make/Model Trumpet
Our Price: $85.00